The first serious thoughts about launching this project actually came to my mind about 1997. It is a private project I run at home just for fun. It is purely inspiration-driven so I only work on it when I feel for it (preferably during rainy winter nights :). You could say it's a long term project...

Hexapod Hexapod

As important as actually building the robot has been to play around in as many engineering fields as possible. I've not taken the easiest way out - I could have just bought many components off-the-shelf... I'm especially proud of the electronics and the motion control.

Here's the project policy, sort of:

Hence, the project spans over a wide range of engineering areas. Here are some examples: (Warning: buzz ahead;):

Some robot properties in short:

I also want to apologize for the lousy image quality - it's due to the equally lousy web-cam that came with my computer.

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