Over the years I've become a big fan of the open source community and I've tried to migrate to such software bit by bit. Although I haven't contributed with software myself, I would like to give credits to the creators of the tools I'm using.

I wish I could run the project entirely with open source tools under e g Linux. Some tools are currently commercial, but several should be replacable by corresponding open source equivalents.

Unfortunately the effort to migrate to a completely open source development environment is too big for the moment since I have everything up and running (and I have migrated hardware, compiler and development computer once already so... ;). I also doubt that there are high quality tools for all my needs, like replacements for the PIC simulator or C-compiler for example... or are there? Please enlight me!

Anyway, here's a list of the major software tools used:

Category Name
OS-environment Cygwin
Build system GNU make
Editor XEmacs
Version control CVS
Simulator Microchip's MPLAB
Mathematical modelling Matlab, planning on migrate to GNU Octave
C-compiler, linker Hi-Tech PICC lite, is there a good open source compiler somewhere?
PIC programmer Nigel Goodwin's WinPicProg
Schematics & PCB layout Ultimate's Ulticap & Ultiboard
Terminal/serial communication (HyperTerminal)


And in the lab I've used some electronic and mechanical tools:

Category Name
General Pencil and paper!
Hand tools The usual stuff no developer can live without: soldering machine, drilling machine, screw drivers, pliers et c
PIC programmer P16PRO40 programmer
Development PC Different standard PCs
Oscilloscope Tektronics 7704A (a huge thing from around 1972 :)
Power supply OLTRONIX B 5020 among others

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